Friday, April 29, 2011

Glutathion detoxes the Liver

The liver filters everything ingested by the body and converts any toxins into water-soluble chemicals that are expelled in urine, bile, or stool. This generally occurs in a two-phase process.

For example, imagine a clean sponge that represents your body and a bowl of pure, clean water that represent the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. If you first submerge the sponge in a bowl of muddy water (toxins) and then extract the “toxin-filled” sponge and place it into a bowl of pure, clean water, how much of the pure, clean water (nutrients) do you think it will be able to absorb? Not much, right? However, if you first thoroughly wring out the muddy water and clean it completely (detoxification through the liver) then submerge it into the clean water, you will obviously get much better results absorbing the nutrients your body needs.

That is the effect glutathione has on our liver and its ability to act as a detoxifier. With glutathione taking a central role in our daily detoxification program our liver has the means to extract the toxins from our cells. They are then more readily available to absorb nutrients and perform necessary functions that promote better health.

Everywhere in the body where free radicals are found causing you to get old or sick
Gluiathione mops them up and removes them. It is hightly concentrated in the lens of your eyes and protects them from damaging UV rays. Another example is the heart.
The enzyme gluiathion perioxidase detoxes the lipids that accumulate in the veins.
It can also be found detoxing the lungs from inhaled enviormental chemical
such as the ones found from Japan.

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